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benefits of dryer vent cleaning

There are actions that need to be taken within the home that are not visible to the naked eye but can make a huge difference once they are performed. One of which is the Dryer Vent Cleaning. The vents often get clogged up with deposits of debris. Once cleaned, the vents help the dryer run with increased efficiency, and optimal performance.

Save the Minutes

Did you know that with just a single cycle ran in the dryer, debris (including lint, small clothing, dirt, etc) starts building up on the inside of the vent line? (Watch video example here) With a series of cycles, it can eventually get clogged up. Since this happens over a period of time, you don’t realize the total drying time of your clothes keeps on increasing and that your dryer has to do more effort complete the task. Only when the vent is cleaned can you notice the time difference in drying times. Your dryer will just need a single cycle to complete its work, saving you more time.

Increase the Clothing Lifespan

As we have already mentioned above, if the dryer vent is not clean, chances are that your machine will take more effort and more time to complete its work. In such a condition, the dryer is bound to heat up which has a direct effect on your clothes. Most types of fabric are very fragile and cannot withstand extreme heat, eventually breaking off or fading. Thus making it very important for your dryer vents to be clean in order to prevent them from overheating and damaging your clothes.

Increase the Dryer Lifespan

When the dryer’s vent is clogged, its efficiency decreases and its effort is doubled. In many cases, this leads to the machine having terrible performance or to the eventual result of it no longer working. On the contrary, when the dryer vents are cleared, the dryer operates smoothly enough to do more work in less time, increasing the life of the machine and saving you the expenditure of repairing and disposing of your dryer.

Save Energy

Speaking of saving money, getting your dryer’s vents cleaned can also save you the money on the electricity use of the dryer. As we have been mentioning, clogged up vents will make the dryer work extra, with more energy and for longer. This eventually gets your clothes to dry but at the cost of the lifespan of the dryer, and more than that, the energy being wasted on a task which can be done in a shorter period of time. The cleaner the vent, the less time will be taken by the dryer resulting in fewer energy costs incurred by you the owner.

Mold and Allergen Alert

If the clogged up vent of your dryer is ignored for too long, the vent can eventually start breaking down, and leaking. This can cause moisture in the house causing the floor and nearby walls to be ruined and can invite mold, allergens, and microscopic insects to the surroundings and on the clothes that come out damp due to the inefficiency of the dryer.

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