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Strata Dryer Vent Cleaning

All-in-One Strata
Building Maintenance

Professional Exterior Cleaning Solutions for Your Strata

Regular dryer vent cleaning is crucial in any residential building, particularly in strata or multi-unit housing, to reduce the risk of fire and maintain the indoor air quality. Clogged dryer vents create a potential fire hazard as they can cause lint buildup, overheating, and, in worst cases, ignite the lint. As well, dryer vents accumulate a large amount of dust, debris, and allergens, which can cause poor air quality, leading to respiratory issues.

Maintaining clean vents and clean surroundings in multi-unit housing requires professionals with specialized training, tools, and equipment, and knowledge. With over 25 years of combined experience, the Freeflo team is ready to help any strata stay safe, clean, and gorgeous. 

Strata Dryer Vent Cleaning

Protect Your Strata from Fire, Leak, and Surface Damage with Annual Maintenance

Managing a strata is hard. Keeping the property well-maintained while keeping homeowners happy with their homes and safety is an enormous undertaking. Freeflo offers an all-in-one exterior cleaning solution for stratas that begins with clean and safe dryer vents, but also ensures roofs, siding, pathways, and gutters and clean and safe as well.  

Three Key "Pain" Points And Solutions for Stratas

Job Done Incorrectly

Not doing the job right the first time resulting in complaints from residents and council. Usually something was missed, or a mess was left like overspray from a pressure washer or debris from the roof/gutter not cleaned up from the ground.

Freeflo technicians always double-check their work and back it up with our Freeflo guarantee.

Constantly Changing Crews

Crews changing from year to year creates problems for residents and council. Strata members like to see the same technicians each year because it builds trust and piece of mind.

Freeflo has an almost unparalleled level of consistency in their team. There will always be someone on site that know the property.

Too Many Contractors

When each maintenance task is handled by a different company, stratas can feel overwhelming, constantly being worked on.

Freeflo not only provides multiple services, but we also work to complete each of them in the same visit, which causes less disturbance for the residents and makes council life easier with one point of contact.

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