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Most residential laundry dryers are rated for a maximum exhaust duct length of 25 feet – shorter if your duct has bends in it. At 25 feet or less, the dryer’s blower can maintain a proper exhaust velocity to efficiently dry the load of clothing and direct lint to the outdoors. To keep the airflow consistent, it is also recommended to limit the number of corners or turns in the exhaust duct. Commercial clothes dryers work better when they are ducted individually to the outdoors; however, for facilities with many dryers, this means multiple holes would have to be cut out of the wall or roof which is expensive and creates many potential points of moisture entry into the building envelope, not to mention rodents.

Dryer booster fans help ‘boost’ airflow through the dryer duct. They will also result in less lint backup, can improve drying times by up to 50%, and increase the longevity of your dryer. Dryer booster fans are recommended when dryer duct length exceeds 25 feet (with no bends), or shorter if your duct has bends in it. Dryer booster fans are also recommended in apartments and condos that have concrete firewalls separating the housing units.

If your dryer vent run exceeds 25 feet in length, you are probably a candidate for a booster fan. Based on surveying the recommendations from dryer manufacturers, and local building codes in selected areas, dryer boosting is typically required when the duct length exceeds the following:

Maximum duct length with:
No corners – 25′
1 corner – 20′
2 corners – 15′
3 corners – 10′

– Information from

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