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Common Dryer Problems

No matter what type of building you live in, dryers experience a lot of use. While a high quality dryer can last you decades, this is only possible if you keep up with dryer maintenance, such as dryer duct cleaning. Some common issues we see with dryers include:

  • Lint clogged dryer vent
  • Compressed dryer transition tubing
  • Congested dryer vent exhaust
  • Jammed dryer vent exhaust flap
  • Clogged screen on building’s exterior
  • Degraded corrugated exhaust vent
  • Poor installation
  • Damaged or wobbly dryer ducts
  • Too many corners in the ventilation line
  • Venting line is too long

Unfortunately, your dryer vent faces many potential threats. However, with regular inspections, thorough machine cleaning, and professional air duct cleaning, you can ensure your appliance is performing optimally. Increase efficiency and call our experts for a free quote on your dryer service today.

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